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Our Purpose


To be an active part of and enrich our local community.


Our mission is to enrich our community by developing social connectedness,
promoting healthy lifestyles and providing opportunities for lifelong learning,
recreation and support within an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment.


Shared ownership/community centric: We are committed to supporting and skilling local residents to guide our services with decisions made with the best interests of our community as our priority. We exist to service our community.

Participation/communication: We are committed to fostering and increasing participation in all aspects of our organisation and our services, by providing opportunities to participate on the Committee of Governance, as a volunteer and as a house user.

Integrity: We operate our organisation and treat people with respect, honesty and fairness. Our decision making, and our processes will be transparent.

Inclusive of diversity: We welcome and embrace diversity of culture, sexuality, religious beliefs and all abilities.

Understanding/empathy: We are committed to demonstrating understanding
and empathy for the situations and experiences that impact individuals in our community.

Professionalism and communication: We are committed to operating our organisation with a high degree of competency and professionalism and recognise effective, timely and open communication is a key part of ensuring our professionalism.

Fun and friendly: We provide a fun and friendly environment for all who work, participate or visit our facilities.