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Kerrie Neighbourhood House Inc. is overseen by a Committee of Governance. The Committee is elected, by the KNH Inc. Membership, at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee is responsible for providing transparent and accountable governance and strategy to the House. It also bears ultimate legal responsibility for the organisation.

The Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Setting remuneration, appointing and appraising the House Coordinator
  • Overseeing the succession planning for the House Coordinator
  • Developing and approving the Strategic and Business Plan in collaboration with the Coordinator
  • Monitoring the progress of strategic initiatives against performance objectives
  • Preparing and approving KNH Inc.’s budget for the financial year
  • Considering how organisational risks should be managed
  • Ensuring that policies on key issues are in place and are reviewed on a regular basis
  • Establishing and monitoring governance practices and making changes where necessary
  • Calling meetings of KNH Inc.’s general members

2023/24 Office Bearers:

  • President – Rosanne Pittard
  • Vice President – Robyn Hofmann
  • Treasurer – Margaret Menzies
  • Secretary – Margaret Menzies